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chosen800's Journal

Chosen 800
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel RPG
This is a Buffy/Angel Roleplaying Game set just after Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 7. Taken characters are listed below. All other canon characters, be they alive or dead by the time Season 7 ended, from either Buffy or Angel, are welcome. You are also allowed to create an original character, be they demon, werewolf, demon hunter, new slayer, or anything you can dream up that would fit into the Buffyverse's nightmare world.

Be aware that there will likely be what some people term 'adult content' in the form of sex, violence, and swearing. It's a Buffy RPG, did you seriously think there wouldn't be?

There are the usual roleplaying rules. Please don't join if you're not going to post at least once or twice a week. It's about having fun, right? So why wouldn't you want to? (Unless, of course, you inform us of other engagements)

If you'd like to join, post: Here with the following information...

Your Name:
Your Age:
Character Desired/Name:
Character Age:
Brief Description of Character/History
Brief Sample of Writing

Taken List
If a character is not listed here, they are not taken, even if you see them being temporarily played in the community. Please feel free to apply for characters like this. For example: Lorne, Harmony, or Kennedy.

Headquarters, Scotland
Buffy Summers hanepoo
Dawn Summers bbackb4dawn Currently temped by hanepoo
Alexander Lavelle Harris quiptonight
Willow Rosenberg yukarichan
Prudence Mitchell-Anders nataku1314
The Immortal hanepoo

Angel angelxus
Allen Francis Doyle brachenvisions
Winifred Burkle ur_evitable
Spike blondiebear122
Rupert Giles sayno2bandcandy

Los Angeles, California
Cordelia Chase champion_seer

San Francisco, California
El purupuru
Adrienne Lee macabre_slayer

Cleveland, Ohio
Faith Lehane theantibuffy Currently temped by purupuru
Kevin Kilbane celtic_hunter
Isabelle Knox knox_boxer
Theodore Knox knox_boxer
Ryuu Akizuka ryuu_akizuka
Yuki Akizuka revenantfiend
Shawn Colt fanboyatheart
Gwen Raiden gwenxraiden

Seattle, Washington
Riley Finn nataku1314
Graham Miller nataku1314
Marcus Webb nataku1314

The OtherWorld
Tara MacClay phoenyxraine (Ask if you'd like to play her)