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hanepoo in chosen800

Upstairs at the Pub

Dawn raced up the stairs, stopping at the top with a sigh. Hopefully, Giles hadn't caught sight of her and she could come up with a good excuse as to why she'd not filled her sister in on the runaway act. Something better than teenage rebellion...

She slipped between the girls mingling about, trying to remain out of sight. It was one thing to tell a little white lie to your sister. It was yet another to be called out on it by the person she'd put in charge of watching you.

She noticed a few of the girls down below gesturing to the new arrivals. They might have souls, but Angel and Spike practically wore Eau de Vampire like a badge. She peered over the railing at the group as they entered and looked around. Were they looking for her?

"Hey, check out those guys." A girl with long black hair and too much make-up pointed at the bunch.

A blonde beside her sighed. "Just a group of vampires trying to crash the party. Should we take them out?"

"I've got a clear shot." She pulled a stake out of her boot, aiming for them.

"Wait!" Dawn interrupted, "They're good guys, if you can believe it. Friends of Buffy."

This seemed to satisfy them and the stake returned to what must be a terribly uncomfortable home in the girl's boot. Dawn shook her head. Were all slayers wired with that same think-later gene? What exactly was Giles doing here, anyway?

"Pooh. This is going to ruin all my fun." She mumbled, leaning on the banister.

((OOC: Anyone who desires to be upstairs, this is where you go!))


Drink in hand, Kennedy leaned over in her seat to see what was causing the commotion downstairs. Buffy had a bunch of weird friends. Ex-demons, uber powerful witches, vamps with so--

Kennedy nearly spit out her drink, and instead swallowed it down with only a couple choking coughs.

"Is that... Spike? Isn't he six feet under? Or... you know, a neat little pile of ashes over Sunnydale now?" she said around a burning 'alcohol down the wrong pipe' wince.

A few of the girls who knew him from his 'final' battle and a few who had only heard the tales told of him lapsed into muttering amongst themselves. A handful of them started toward the stairs.

"Woah, girls. I wouldn't recommend it. Whatever's about to go down isn't gonna be pretty."

She stood up, pulled her crossbow from her pack, laid it against the railing, and trained it on the deader-than-dead hero.

"Think of these as the fourth and fifth rows at Sea World. You get the best view without getting drenched."
"Hey wait, Kennedy!"

Willow shot out a hand and stayed the slayer's wrist.

"Let's not make with the dusting 'till after we figure out what they want, 'kay?" She looked around to the girls nearby who had taken up Kennedy's ready-for-action stance "..The girls are antsy with you like that. Besides, Giles was with them, and Fred, and Angel's still got his puppy face on."

Willow gave a nervous smile to her girlfriend before she looked over her shoulder to the crowd of girls. Willow had come running upstairs after Dawn and now she had lost her. She sighed.

"I'll be right back. Gotta go interfere with things that aren't my business." Willow held up a finger and gave Kennedy a stern pout. "No killing until I get back. I mean it. They're the good guys."

Willow pushed her way into the crowd who were all straining to lean over the banister to catch a glimpse of the action downstairs. She shook her head. Willow was pretty sure she was clear about what Buffy had said about Spike underground at the hellmouth, but boy did that look like a pretty spry undead-dead guy, or at least a hell of a good stunt double. Willow tried to let it go. Stranger things had happened around them. As long as Giles was there, things would be explained, she was certain.


Willow had gone about two steps when she saw Dawn casually leaning over the banister not two feet from where she had lost her. Just looking down along with all the rest of the girls. Talk about hiding in plain sight. She struggled through the push of the girls to get to her.

"Hey Dawnie, what's going on?" Willow tilted her head in a smile. "Since when did Giles become the big bad?"
With the majority of the girls clutching the railing in hopes of catching a glimpse of the brouhaha below, Giles easily made his way across the floor. He stopped a few steps away from where Willow and Dawn were speaking. While he didn't necessarily want to eavesdrop on the girls, he was curious as to what Dawn might have said about her escape act. At the mention of his name, he decided to make his presence known.

"Oh, come now. I'm not all that bad, am I?"
"Heeeeyyyyy Giles."

Dawn tried to give her best innocent smile, hoping he wasn't too made that she'd taken off in the middle of the night leaving only a note. Naw, he wouldn't be mad.

Maybe she could just avoid it entirely?

"How long has Spike been un-dead-undead? If he's been around all this time he's got some 'splainin' to do."
Willow leaned back on the railing and watched the two. She curbed her desire to reach out and hug Giles in favor of getting to the bottom of what had Dawn so riled up. Willow kept silent and slunk back her aura so they could talk. She'd catch up on the happy reacquainting afterward when she asked about the sudden visit.
"Spike, I'm sure, will be more than happy to regale everyone with his story of "rebirth" at first chance. That matter aside, Dawn, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. If Xander hadn't told me that you were here in Scotland, our meeting at the party might have had an air of serendipity, don't you think?"

Giles looked over at Willow, who he had hoped caught the drift of his words to Dawn. He looked back at the nervous girl, his eyes heavy with disappointment.

"Oh, Dawn. The next time you decide to leave without word, do make sure I have a current photo. I'll need something to put on the milk carton."

Temp For Dawn

Dawn cringed. So much for hoping it wouldn't come up. "Sorry Giles. But I had a good reason to run off! I promise."

Her eyes darted between Giles disappointed face and the floor. She'd not been wanting to discuss this now; perhaps she could stall him? There were enough end-of-the-world prophecies in play right now. She didn't want to tell him that she'd managed to translate that paragraph he'd left her with which prompted the check-up on her big sis. "And I'll tell you exactly what it is when things calm down a bit. Honest. Just... don't tell Buffy, okay?"
Willow glanced back and forth between Giles and Dawn. Poor Dawnie was crumbling under that harsh British stare and no matter how much she'd like to know just what made Dawn run away, Willow felt the need to protect her from the eyes of doom. He'd be taking off his glasses soon enough, waiting for an answer with such nonchalance it was maddening. Willow pushed off the railing and interjected.

"It's really good to see you again, Giles." She wrapped her arms around his neck in a deep hug. "Unfortunately, surprise visits are almost never a good thing."

Willow stepped back. If He hadn't meant to find Dawn here, then he had other business and it was important enough to come crash the party and make everyone all somber-faced again. Actually, someone getting a bad grade in english was enough to get moppy in Giles' book, but something told her it wasn't a fatherly scolding they were about to hear.

"Please tell me I'm wrong."

Willow had hope, but she stealed herself for the worst.
Giles stared at the ground for a moment and finally settled his eyes back on Dawn. He wasn't sure what precisely was causing Dawn to act so peculiar, but he hadn't the time to handle it.

"I...I'm sure you have your reasons, Dawn. I have no place telling you what to do anymore, I suppose. There comes a time when one's actions must..."

Giles' "great responsibility" speech was interrupted with Willow's welcomed embrace. He held her tightly for a moment and smiled at her warmly when she pulled away. His confrontation with Dawn had provided a much desired delay to the inevitable discussion with Willow. Giles could barely muster up the courage to look at her hopeful face as he delivered his news.

"Oh, Willow. I do wish I were here on happier terms. I, er, we have something of extreme importance to discuss with you."
When she caught the ultra-creeped out vibes Giles was giving off, Kennedy moved closer to Willow.

The fang brigade crawled out of hiding and Giles hopped a plane to Scotland just to discuss something with Willow? Kennedy frowned and placed an arm around Willow's waist protectively.

"So what is it?" she urged.
Dawn breathed out a heavy sigh of relief. Willow saved her from Buffy and Giles, all in one day. But she'd have to deal with the truth eventually.

"Let me guess, you dug up some dusty old prophecy in that library in Italy?"

She'd been working on translations of some of the prophecies they'd unearthed when she took off. If that prophecy was bad, whatever Giles found that urged him to come here must be a whole lot worse. Which seemed unimaginable, given what she'd taken with her.

She shoved her hands into her pockets, checking to make sure the page she'd taken with her was still there. Another small sigh. At least with Giles here, she didn't have to head back to Italy. But she'd have to tell him the truth about what she found sooner or later. Probably sooner.
Willow placed a hand on Kennedy's shoulder and offered Dawn a half hearted smile to thank her for trying to lighten the situation. It didn't help calm her nerves any. She bit her lip and turned t Giles.

"Dusty prophecy that somehow directly involves me?" she asked in a sheepish voice. "Wouldn't be one of those 'Willow Rosenburg shalt not eat that pudding cup tomorrow' kind a prophecy by any chance, huh?"

She kept the hopeful joke-y-ness in her voice, but her fingers tightened on Kennedy's shoulder.
"No, no libraries this time Dawn. We got wind of this the old fashioned way: a vision. And, Willow, unfortunately there are far more than chocolate snacks at stake this time. I think, perhaps, we should find somewhere a bit less," he looked around the room at the throngs of girls, "cluttered to talk?"

He craned his neck to survey the surrounding area, and caught eyes with Xander, who happened to be making his way upstairs with Doyle. He gestured the two men over to the booth he spotted in a more or less deserted corner of the pub.

He turned back to the girls and smiled. "The booth in the corner, I think? Xander and Doyle should be joining us momentarily. Oh, Doyle is a friend of Angel's. He'll be able to explain the vision far better than I could, considering he was the one who had it in the first place."
The group shuffled to the booth Giles had indicated and were joined shortly by Xander and a couple unfamiliar faces. Faces that seemed serious, ready for business, even downright concerned. Kennedy looked directly at Doyle. He wasn't hard to pinpoint - after all, Giles said 'he' and the only other guy up here was Xander.

"What's this about a vision starring my girl?" she asked.

Her tone was cool and unconcerned, but the fact that she was literally sitting on the edge of her seat? That tipped off her anxiety a little.
Dawn squeezed into the booth between Giles and Willow. She wasn't going to let him leave her out of the discussion because she was too young this time. After all, a watcher in training needs to know how to handle these situations, right?

She stayed quiet but she was worried for Willow. Visions were very rarely filled with cotton candy and happy times with friends. If Willow was in trouble, she wanted to do anything she could to help.

Sure, helping might just be reading a lot of dusty old books and being generally ignored by the rest of the scoobies until she managed to do something useful, but still! Maybe the bad prophecy she found was related to the vision.

Dawn leaned her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands, waiting for someone to spill.
Doyle made his way through the maze of girls on the staircase as he reached the top floor. He waited for Xander to join him before making their way to the secluded booth Giles had picked out.

The first thing he noticed was two more girls sitting with Giles and Willow. Second he looked questionably at the girl who point blank asked about the vision. That threw him off guard. Noting the possessive way she talked about Willow. Though he may heard a possessive tone he noted her posture held some anxiety too it. So he dismissed it for now.

He looked at Giles and Xander with questioning eyes asking if it was okay to proceed.
"Ok guys, don't all fire at once." Willow said, getting antsy at the quiet. "I can take it. I think.."

Willow bit her lip, her voice shrinking under her growing concern. Where was Xander's witty banter and quick jokes to lighten the mood?

Vision Story

After seeing the approval to begin Doyle had taken a seat across from Willow. He took a deep breath and looked the young lady in the eyes.

“Hello I’m Doyle if Mr. Giles there hasn’t told you about me. I think before I jump straight into the vision a little background information about myself would help with you understanding why I’m sitting across from you today and not still six feet under ground.”

“To begin many of you probably knew I was Angel’s original vision guide; his connection to the Powers That Be. I hadn’t known Angel and Cordelia long before I decided to sacrifice myself in order to save a half-breed group of demons along with your friends. Angel to my mind was the PTB’s champion and he had to live to fight another day. Plus too when you are in love you do almost anything to save that person. I didn’t know it until I came back that Cordelia had become Angel’s number one vision girl and from what I hear she did an excellent job.” At this he had to pause for a lump caught in his throat that he quickly swallowed down. “Something happened to Cordelia thus severing the PTB’s connection to Angel. Short version they employed people and demons to bring me back and re-establish their connection to Angel. I arrive late in LA for as you know Angel is in charge of an evil law firm and Cordy is in a coma.” At this he shrugs helplessly.

“After finally meeting up with Angel in Los Angels, again, I was racked with a head wrenching vision. The Powers that Be aren’t exactly gentle when they send pictures that come with great splitting migraines. So I get this simple one of you,” he says directly to Willow, “smiling, dancing, and peaceful. Until it switches to you in pain and fighting for your life, but at the end you are leaning against a wall. A wall made of stone with lighting coming from candles and you look overly happy. I can’t see what is making you ecstatic is the right word, but you are. What ever ordeal you went through you come out the winner.” He gives her an encouraging smile. “That’s until I see another outcome. One that stars all the plagues from the Bible leashed onto earth including a couple of nasty demons I never like to meet. You are at the center of it all.” At this point Doyle’s smile is gone as he tells the young witch her tragic fate. “Something is pulling at you causing you to come crashing down with the world. Unlike the pain from earlier this one is of agonizing torture and the last thing I saw was the destruction of the earth apocalyptic style.” The faces staring back at him weren’t the happiest ones, but this is the first time he had to tell a whole bunch of people. Normally that was Angel’s job, being the champion and all, but the vampire in question apparently had a different agenda coming here.

Doyle coughed to clear his throat and held his hand to stop any oncoming questions or accusations.

“The second part of the vision normally is a warning to me to tell the PTB’s champion what will happen if he doesn’t rescue or save the person in trouble. It doesn’t always come in one big vision; sometimes later if the PTB feels we aren’t doing our jobs fast enough. You being the slayers trusted friend they most feel you are a very special case. From what we were able to gather is Willow has to go through some trials that take place in L.A. Angel knows more on that detail because he himself had to go through those same trials. If Willow doesn’t go through those tests than the later half of my vision will come true.”

Yup he must too have a grim features on his face as he gives the last piece of news. Than he leans back waiting for the onslaught of questions and accusations. All the while he gave Willow a sympathized and heartfelt look with his blue eyes.

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"...I arrive late in LA for as you know Angel is in charge of an evil law firm and Cordy is in a coma.”

Fred had been sitting silently next to Doyle, listening as he gave Willow his background. When he spoke of Cordelia, she could see the pain that overwhelmed him. She placed her hand over his, patting it gently a few times. She couldn't imagine how hard things were for him; he had come back to find his world broken in so many different ways.

Fred moved her hand back to her lap and continued to listen to Doyle, interested in hearing all of the details of his vision that she had not heard before. When he spoke of Willow needing to endure the trials Angel had endured, she finally spoke up, "Is there any way to prepare for the tests? To take the knowledge of what Angel experienced and help Willow?"
Xander sat back in his chair and listened as Doyle began speaking. Keeping his eyes on the table in front of him, he concentrated hard on every word.

His eyes opened wide at Doyle's mention of Cordelia. Her current state was news to him and hit him hard. He thought back to the girl he used to know. They didn't have a perfect relationship - far from it - but she was the first girl who actually cared enough to like him back. She had been so important to him once upon a time, and he hadn't even thought of her in ages. He racked his brain trying to remember what had happened between them and looked up in frustration. He caught sight of Willow as his head raised and found the answer to his question.

He watched Willow take in the rest of the vision and his heartbeat quickened with each word Doyle spoke. The harsh realization of what had to be done - what Willow had to do - was more than he could process. He didn't know if it was the beer buzz or the awkward reminiscing, but he couldn't bear to sit still anymore.

When Doyle finally stopped speaking, Xander pushed back his chair and walked away.

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Kennedy just stared at Doyle with a mixture of disbelief, anger, and anxiety. The fact that Xander got up and walked away didn’t make her feel any better; nope not at all. She was trying real hard to keep a calm collected face.

She didn’t know when, but sometime when the Irishman was talking she had reached out to grab Willow’s hand within hers. If anything she was going to sick by the woman she love with moral support and kick all evil asses to protect her.

Words weren’t coming easily to her and she didn’t think her tough as nails attitude would help right now. So she gave her girlfriend an encouraging smile, but looked straight at Giles for any answers. If anything he would have something to make this doom and gloom vision sound less gloomish; she hoped.

((OOC:: Didn't have time to get a Kennedy icon, probably still wont. Anyways I hope my attempt at her didn't suck to badly. Giles and Willow are up next.))

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As Doyle finished, Giles, always a man of answers, soon found himself the focus of the table.

"Well, there you have it. And to answer your question, Miss Burkle, Angel is prepared to offer his assistance in the trials as much as he possibly can. However, there is only so much he can do for you, Willow. I hate to say the words, and I will be with you as much as I can possibly be, but you will be largely alone in this."

He focused sharply at Willow's nose, not quite able to make eye contact. "I'm sorry."
((OOC: Sorry for taking so long. School is really intense.))

Dawn stared at Doyle wide-eyed as he explained things. Xander had just walked away and even Giles seemed to be unable to help Willow. No, this wasn't the same dark prophecy as the one she'd uncovered but there could be a link. A clue. Maybe...

"Doyle, right? I don't suppose... This vision you had, you didn't see a dark man in it did you? All you saw was Willow, right? Not that I mean to pry but I have a feeling something big is happening."

She looked at Giles with a bit of a shrug. He hadn't given her permission to look at the books she was researching when she took off. He wasn't dumb either. He'd figure out pretty quickly that she'd uncovered some sort of prophecy and gone running to her sister's side.

She just hadn't expected Willow to be at the center of it.

Willow wasn't looking at anyone and she couldn't hear the subsequent questions and assurances. She couldn't hear anything in fact, or smell, or see. The world suddenly was buzzing dumbly in her head and everything felt blunt and slippery. She had barely managed to utter the little word to let everyone know she was still breathing. The scraping sound of the chair on the floor of the club jarred her out of her daze. Slowly, she raised her eyes to Giles.

World ending, painful, catastrophic cataclysms had just been fortold to her and the only thing she was able to latch on to was...


Sacrificed wasn't mystical, sacrificed was sacrificed and yet there he was. She knew just what he meant about doing anything for the one you loved. Willow slipped her hand from Kennedy's. She suddenly understood Xander's need to get away. She forced herself to stay though, forced herself to concentrate on the prophesy.

"I...should probably talk to Angel, then."

She didn't want to, but Willow wasn't about to sit around discussing how she could bring about the end of the world. They all knew how she could do it, the only way and the way she nearly had before. Willow got up. A discussion on how to play nice with magic wasn't on her agenda for tonight. The
Angel finished his climb of the stairs moments after his name was mentioned. His tried to keep his face neutral, but he had caught enough of the conversation to know things were going over as the pessimist in him had expected--poorly.

"Nothing's sacrificed if you don't fail," he said before stepping aside and allowing Buffy to enter the circle of faces ahead of himself. His eyes silently watched her do so before he pulled them back to Willow. "In the end, it's your choice. Either you jump through this hoop the Powers That Be decided to hold up for you, or you don't. I'm just here to hold your hand, and guide you to whatever you decide on. We all are."

"The one thing I'm going to apologize for is a lack of time. Visions aren't very patient, but...the ride back to Los Angeles is pretty long. Lots of time to go over details and figure things out." He half smiled wryly, hoping he could at least get Willow to agree to just that. To just make the trip.
Buffy followed Angel up the creaky wooden stairs all the way to the top. Willow didn't look like she was feeling so good. And who could blame her? No one wanted to be responsible for the end of the world.

"I'm not letting anybody make you do anything you don't want to do, Will. If you do go..."

She looked around the sea of curious faces. Everyone probably knew what she was going to say before she'd said it, but it didn't matter. Willow was her dearest friend and she needed to be at her side. After all that Willow had supported her through, it was only natural. They were a family.

"I'm going with you."

At least his timing hasn’t gotten rusty…

Doyle gave Fred’s hand a squeeze before getting up as well.

“I just need to get some fresh air. I’ll leave the rest up to all of you,” with that, he quickly made his exit back down stairs and to the cool air outside.

((OOC: If anyone wanted to further talk to Doyle before he left the club let me know and I'll redo this-thanks))
Willow's gaze slowly lifted to Angel and then she tried a smile for Buffy. She wasn't worried about herself and no one was making her do anything.

"Thanks Buffy.." she said weekly and shifted her eyes down to the table once more.

The seeer got up from the table and Willow finally felt her emotions falling back into place. He took a deep breath and sighed it out, then one more just to be sure. Red hair swung as she shook her head and tried to concentrate on the one question being asked her. Willow looked up to the group who's eyes were all on her.

"Ok.." She gave in, "But I get your peanuts." She added to Buffy as she stood up. "So.." another one of those deep breaths. "When's the flight?"


I'm going to start a new thread on the plane. Jumping ahead a bit, but it's a good idea for us to keep things moving.