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brachenvisions in chosen800

Downstairs at the Pub

Doyle gave Angel a raised eyebrow when Giles announced dancing shoes and party.

Apparently I’m with the wrong crowd if the slayer is allowed to go out and party now and again. I mean it was hard when Cordy and I tried to get the brooding vamp to come out for a drink. Though I hope she was able to wear him down in that area.

So after listening to Giles’s new instructions Doyle switched lanes and headed into town. He kept quiet for most of the ride, listening whenever Giles told him to make a few extra turns or take a particular exit to avoid further traffic at this time of night. Doyle let the other people in the car carry any type of conversation. He noticed everyone stayed mostly quiet anyway.

After locating the place Doyle parked the car and placed the keys inside a hidden pocket in his jacket. Than he too stepped out of the car to stand on the side walk with the rest of the group. His lips made a whistle as he took in the pub that had Buffy and her friends.

Extending his arm to Fred he asked her, “Shall we?”

Thus he was the first to enter the building and headed downstairs to for he heard load music coming from that direction.

“Hopefully they don’t mind party crashers,” as he opened the door leading to party. . .

((OOC:: My understanding is that we are seperating people to up and down stairs within the pub. Thus the posters are ask not to put in tags and those will be placed in later with people joining the posts. So hopefully I'm doing this right and I only tagged my character's name in the post. Okay well hopefully this all goes smoothly ^^; and tell me if I did this wrong. Oh yeah open to the LA group and the people from the first party thread that Hanepoo had started.))


Dawn was dancing like a happy fool with Willow when the door to the pub opened. At first, she thought nothing of it. Just more happy party goers.

Err... but wasn't everyone already here?

She stopped dancing, staring straight at the doorway. Each beat of her heart thudded into her chest. Or maybe that was the bass? Everything was so loud it was hard to tell.

When she saw the man with the girl on his arm, she breathed a sigh of relief, assuming they just hadn't read the part on the sign where it said this was a PRIVATE party. But then Angel, Spike (whose presence absolutely overjoyed her), and Giles (whose appearance made her heart sink just as quick) walked in.

"Oh crap!" She managed to say a little too loudly during one of those terribly inopportune moments when the music suddenly stops. Before they could see her, she darted off the dance floor and up the stairs.

I haven't told Buffy yet. I am so busted.

((OOC: Had to post this to get the upstairs thread going. Team Angel, please continue. I'll wait for another post or two before posting Buffy and his Immortal hotness))
Xander sat at the bar with his drink, eyeing the door. Giles and Angel would be arriving at any moment, and while Giles was known to most of the girls, Angel was not. They'd smell "vampire" all over him and that nifty, yet deadly, slayer sense would kick in.

The pub door soon opened, and a couple people spilled through. Xander caught sight of Angel immediately, jumped off his bar stool and muttered to himself, "ok, Harris. Time for Operation: Meet 'n Greet."

He moved quickly through the once dancing, now defensive looking slayers and grabbed Angel's hand. Shaking it vigorously, he greeted the vampire loudly.

"Angel! So glad you could make it, old pal. You brought some other friends to join us! Giles, and...oh, sweet monkey Jesus. Spike?"

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"Hey," Angel said, as he looked down at Xander's hand clasped around his own. The confusion only lasted a moment, as it was obvious Xander's vigor was probably going to keep Angel and the others from a untimely end. Because there sure were a lot of Slayers here. And a whole lot of booze. Not the safest room to walk into, by far.

"Yeah, Spike, he's alive again," Angel said overly casual as he freed his hand, and instantly began to scan all who were in attendance. One might think he was interested in finding a head of red, but truthfully? He was looking out for a blonde (who was most definitely not Spike).

The moment his eyes finally found Buffy, what should had been a pleasant sight was warped and tarnished by the Immortal at her side touching her!

"Get your slimey hands off of her!" he seethed in a blind rage, lunging forward, as if there wasn't a huge crowd of VAMPIRE SLAYERS blocking him off from Buffy and the Immortal.

It was blood vengeance time! Screw the petty crap he had pulled on Angelus over a century ago. This was an entirely new debt that bastard was about to pay up.

...just as soon as he found a way over there. Coward always had to be hiding behind something, didn't he? Magic barriers, room full of underage drinking Slayers partying like it was Apocalypse Number 1999. Always something.

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The Immortal is getting handsy

Buffy had her back to the door when Xander jumped up from his stool and took off. She turned to look after him but The Immortal was blocking her view.

"He took off in a hurry. Don't tell me, really cute girl?"

The Immortal glanced back over his shoulder. What a treat! Not just one but both of his old friends were here. They'd arrived with two humans and a demon. Bah! Not even close to what they'd need to mount an attack on him.

He lifted Buffy's chin up with his index finger.

"A girl, aye. But not so pretty as you are pet."

He planted a gentle kiss on her lips, showing off for the boys who were blocked by swarms of teenaged slayers. Might as well make them sweat a little.

Buffy thought she heard a man's voice and turned to look, but he caught her in another kiss. She pulled away with a grin.

"You taste like wine. How much have you had to drink?"

He was only this publicly handsy when he'd been drinking. A lot. He was supposed to be her boyfriend but it still made Buffy uncomfortable to do the public makeout thing. She had been young and in love once. Time to be a bit more responsible.

At least he was a really, really good kisser.

"Only a couple of bottles. Come on, let's find a little more privacy."

He took her hand and pulled her up from the stool, trying to prevent her from looking back to see Angelus or William. If she spotted them now then all the fun would be over.

Carefully leading her through the dancing girls, he led Buffy towards the back of the pub. He looked back at Angel and Spike with a wink as they turned a corner.

The back of the bar was lined with booths that were designed for groups of people who just wanted to have a pint and watch football without being disturbed by the dancefloor. Fortunately, none of the young slayerettes had decided to hang out back there.

Pushing Buffy against the wall they'd just turned towards the Immortal gazed deep into her eyes. It was a trance, of sorts, that he considered a gift. No woman yet had been able to resist when he looked at her that way. Buffy was no exception. Holding her in place, he leaned his face into her neck, breathing in the smell of her and planting kisses where his lips passed over her skin.

When Angel and Spike saw this, they'd be furious.
Aware that he was being stared at like some bug under a microscope, Spike walked over to Angel and Xander. They weren't his favorite people in the world but if anyone could help him save Buffy from the Immortal, it was them.

The blond vampire was about to talked to them when he saw the Immortal wink at him as he led Buffy away. He knew that Giles could take care of Willow for the moment, he and Angel had more important things to worry about like bloody vengeance. As he approached Angel, Spike grabbed the edge of his grandsire's coat and gave it a tugged.

“Come on you git, stop standing there gaping like a fish and lets go. Bloody Immortal just left with our woman!” he said as he tried to get Angel's attention.

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Angel's jaw nearly dropped as the Immortal left the pair with nothing more than a mocking little wink. He glanced away from the direction the corridor lay only when Spike had spoken to him, seemingly in a trance of utter disbelief. "She didn't even see us! And you've been freaking dead! He's got her under a spell!"

The vampire finally found himself some resolve, and a whole lotta fresh piping anger as he tried to wade through the very crowded bar to the far corner the Italian dog had made his retreat from. At first, he attempted a more subtle route to do this. The very slow method of of "scuse me"s and "sorry"s lasted him about two seconds before he ditched that and turned to all-out-table-jumping-vampire-flair to bring him to the edge of the bar. Sure, it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do in a room full of young, innocent, possibly overly intoxicated Slayers who had know way of knowing he was a "good" vampire with a nice little soul of his own, but...! Time was of the essence here! Every second he and Spike wasted only brought that wretched asshole's hands closer to Buffy and doing WHO KNOWS WHAT with her while in her obviously magically entranced and very vunerable state!

And besides, Spike would be right behind him. He'd cover his back. Probably.

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Re: Temp for Buffy and The Immortal

The Immortal lifted his head briefly to glance around the corner. Sure enough, the heroic duo was charging towards them. This was almost too easy. Almost.

Buffy turned her head to follow his gaze. For him to stop in the middle of - er, that, meant it must be something important. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, bella. Just some latecomers to the party."

She didn't believe him for a second, but that didn't matter at the moment. She was having fun and feeling like she was 17 again. It was a nice change from all the responsibility she'd held of late.

Waiting for the pair to make their way to his little corner of the pub, The Immortal tilted her head to the side and returned to kissing her neck, eager to see just how the two idiots would respond.
Spike followed closely behind Angel making sure he growled at anyone who stood in their way.

As they came closer to the tiny corner where Buffy and the Immortal stood, he watched as the other man leaned in and kissed the Slayer's neck. Between the taunts of the Immortal and Buffy's trance like behavior, Spike knew that Angel had to be right.

There was no other explanation of how Buffy was acting other than she was under a power spell. Angry that the Immortal was taking advantage of the woman he loved, Spike changed into his game face.

"How do you want to do this Angelus" Do you want to ask him questions first or just beat his soddin' face in? I don't know about you but I am more of ask questions later kind of vampire," Spike said with a sneer.

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Xander watched in uncomfortable amusement as the two vampires made their way to Buffy and His Creepiness. He turned to the rest of the group, which now included a confused looking Prue, and shrugged.

"Hey, wouldn't be a party without a good, old-fashioned bar fight." Xander's smile vanished at the sight of Giles' scowl and furrowed brow. "Hey, this party thing wasn't my idea. Pick your fight with the boyfriend. Well, after the exes are done with him, anyway."

Half listening to Xander's chattering, Giles scanned the floor looking for Willow. Not finding her among the hoards of girls in front of him, he looked up to the second level and caught a glimpse of Willow. He walked towards the staircase, stopped, and turned back to the group.

"Sorry. Miss Burkle, Doyle - this is Xander Harris. Excuse me."

With that, Giles turned and made his way upstairs. Xander smiled at his new acquaintances. "Can I get anybody a drink?"
Entering the pub on Doyle's arm, Fred had a smile on her face. That smile quickly diminished as everything unfolded. She knew the basics about the Spike/Buffy/Angel love triangle, so she could understand why both Angel and Spike were unhappy about seeing Buffy's smooches with another guy. She remembered what it was like to be part of a love triangle...how much pain there was for everyone involved. Of course, this was rapidly becoming a love square...

Fred put a stop to her mind ramblage as she was introduced to Xander Harris. She smiled, "Hi. I'm Miss Burkle---Fred. Not that you were going to assume that Doyle was me or anything...I just wanted you to call me something a little less formal...." She paused. "A drink would be nice."
People probably noted the shock written on Doyle's face by Angel's behavior. He didn't have time to blink after seeing him being friendly to Xander than going, as any ex-boyfriend would, to rip Buffy's new beau to shreds. He was amazed that neither vampire ran over Xander to get to their new target.

Oh yeah I love feeling out of the loop…

His brain finally got back on gear after Giles, thankfully, introduced Fred and him to Xander, properly. After the watcher left he turned his attention to the young man whom looked like a younger version of Marvel’s Nick Fury.

Doyle remembering his own manners he stuck out his hand to shake Xander’s, “Allan Doyle to be correct, but everyone just calls me Doyle.”

“I agree with Fred a drink would be nice right now,” he said. “Did Angel or Giles explain to you in further detail the real reason why we are here?”

((OOC:: I don't know who is next in the Xander-Prue-Fred-Doyle group, but I think it wouldn't hurt to start responding to each other's comments. They it was done in Hanepoo's first party post.^^ Plus too it gives our vampires a chance not to wait on their next turns as they make their way to Buffy and the Immortal.))

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"Fred it is, then. You can just call me Xander." He smiled at her warmly as Prue announced her apprehensions.

"Worried? About those guys? Nah, they're the friendly, helpful sort of vampire." Xander could tell that Prue wasn't all that pleased with the explanation, but it was the truth, more or less.

"So, drinks for everyone, then!" Xander made his way towards the bar with his newly acquired entourage in tow. "Andre at the bar makes some very nice appletinis and he's great with the tap, if you're looking for the more traditional Scottish pub experience."

Finally at the bar, Xander caught the bartender's attention and quickly turned to Doyle.

"Yeah, Giles gave me the rundown on the cause for the trip. I'm thinking you're the vision guy?"
"Nice to meet you, Xander. Prue," Fred smiled, shaking Prue's hand. "An appletini sounds great." She followed Xander over to the bar and ordered the drink from Andre.

As Xander started a conversation with Doyle, Fred decided to start one with Prue. She had heard of Xander, but she had never heard Prue's name mentioned before. So, she turned to Prue and asked, "How do you know Buffy?"
Doyle who was leaning on bar standing next to Xander turned his serious face into a happy one when Prue introduced herself.

“Hello Prue,” he said to her and had to chuckle at Xander’s description of the vampires. “I’m positive that if they cause any trouble Buffy will put them in their place.” He told her reassuringly. At this point he didn’t care if putting them in their place meant killing them. Okay he understood Spike’s position, but Angel should have a little more control or finesse.

He noticed they were still having trouble getting threw the see of slayerettes and when he turned his attention back Fred was already in a conversation with the young girl. That’s when he noticed Xander had answered his question.

“Yes the original vision guide,” his Irish accent was great to carry emotions with so few words. “Good to hear you have been informed. Have you told Buffy and or Willow? I’m going out on a limb that this is a conversation have in a private.” He looked around the room once more for he couldn’t get any angle of the people upstairs.

“I was under the impression that we discuss the vision right away, but how can one say no to a party? I’m sure my other traveling companions won’t mind for a little delay. Especially when have run off to act like asses,” Doyle paused before continuing. “Pardon my language ladies.” “Now where was I? Ah right talking about our two vampire friends acting as five year olds.”

“This is coming to sound dumb, but what’s an Immortal?” Doyle asked Xander.