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hiii [damon]

purupuru in chosen800

Hungry For the Real San Francisco Treat :O

By the time El had finished the six hour and then some drive to San Francisco from Los Angeles, she'd been left with just enough time to check in to her hotel. It wasn't until the next night that she had been able to get down to business.

Which, was of course, the intense stalking of Adrienne Wong. A girl she had met a little over a month ago in a stereotypically dark alley of LA, with some creepo demons thrown in as a bonus. There was really only one thing she knew for sure about the girl so far; Adrienne was a Slayer. The whole underground, from vampire to multi-headed hellspawn, had been abuzz with the rumors. The rumors of the Chosen many. Adri seemed to be living proof that the rumors were true; unless she really was the world's only Slayer. If that was the case, which El highly doubted, the world was pretty much doomed.

El pulled out the card Adrienne had given her the night they had met, and dialed. Hopefully the girl hadn't gone and forgotten about little old El. If not, she'd have to go through the trouble of planning an elaborate reunion.
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Adrienne felt her phone vibrate in the noisy karaoke room somewhere in the San Francisco Chinatown. "Phone call. I'll be back." She was glad to leave that room. She was the only female in that room who wasn't there to honey up to some guy. It would have been 'disrespectful' not to go. She didn't needed the flak if she didn't show up. Although nobody would really mess with her and her small crew because they knew what she was capable of.

After closing the sound proof door she fetched her phone from her coat pocket. She didn't recognize the number but answered anyways. She leaned against the wall while holding the phone to her ear. "This is Age."
El, currently sprawled on one of her hotel room's couches, stared up at the ceiling with a grin. "Is that you, Butterfly? Hope so. It's your ol' friend back from random Los Angeles back alley number 506."
Los Angeles? Alley? Adrienne has been in a lot of alleys in her lifetime. But the light bulb hit. This must be that girl she met the last time she was in LA. She remembered her face but not what she was called. Damn. I'm always bad with names.

"Uh...you're going to have to to better than that. Not ringing a bell here." Hopefully she'll tell cough up her name. Making Age's life easier.
"Eleanore. El. I drive nice shiny cars...?" El offered, after giving an amused laugh. Humans were so silly, sometimes. Which is why she loved them so. Unfortunately, on their part, they also tasted quite good.

"I hope I'm not keeping you from anything important."
"Oh! El! Right..." Adrienne stared at the door to the karaoke room for a moment. Important yes. But she showed up. That was enough right? "No no. I'm not doing anything...important."

She combed her fingers through her hair. "What can I do for you? Are you in San Francisco?"
"For a few days, I think. Care to show a girl around?"

From the way Adri had answered her question, El wondered if the girl happened to be doing something possibly not so legal. Wouldn't really be much a surprise, were that case. Her pondering were purely for amusement sake-- illegal deeds usually were more fun, weren't they?

Well, there was nothing illegal happening. Discussions of illegal things might be on the agenda after the booze and women. Wait. No not with all the drinking that has already happened. In 2 or three hours everyone will stumble drunkenly out of the room hanging all over the karaoke girls as support.

She decided to ditch the guys. "Sure, where can I pick you up?"

"Hotel Monaco. I'll be waiting outside for you, yeah?" El flipped her phone closed and happily picked herself up from the lazy sprawl she had settled into on the suite's couch.

Within a few minutes, she was downstairs, and had happily found a new perch in the lobby. She hadn't dressed too flashy, but not too simple, either. Good enough for a club, subtle enough for... other work. Should any come up.

Adrienne arrived at the Hotel Monaco in her black BMW M3. She put the shifter in neutral and engaged the parking break. Well, she was gonna meet that girl from LA. The one where she shared a dark alley with. Leaving the beemer running she strode her way to the lobby.

Adrienne didn't know what to say or what to do after the greet. She thought about this during the drive down. Will they go to a bar or a club? Pool hall? Maybe El already knew where she wanted to go. She was only wearing a simple white halter top, a new maroon jacket; the last one was ruined in that LA alley, black denim jeans and a pair of cowgirl boots. So hopefully she had no plans to go somewhere fancy. She spotted the fair skinned beauty nestled in a corner. She felt slightly relieved that El wasn't wearing anything more extravagant than herself. She gave her a casual wave during her approach; greeting her with a smile. "Hey."
"Butterfly!" a bright smile had quickly risen to El's lips. "Was hoping you'd still remember what I looked like. Not much in a name these days, anyway." It was just another thing that was easily lied about, really. A name only meant something if you could back it up. Which people rarely did. These days, anyway.

She was quickly on her feet, and although she was quite ready to leave the place, El thought it best to do the polite thing. "I guess, first things first. Are you hungry? I think they've got some decent food here." She nodded in the direction of the hotel's attached restaurant. "I'm kinda full, but I'd hate to have you driving my arse around on an empty stomach."

Ohh, yes, she had been naughty and had something to spoil her dinner. Though, it really it had only been a small snack. The old woman she had found lingering in front of an ice machine had been on some sort of medication that had made her taste just awful. She hadn't really been able to stomach much of the old bird.

"Of course, the food could be utter trash over there. I sure wouldn't know..." she paused, grinning inwardly, "Since I've yet to even step a foot into the place or order room service. I'm thinking you'd know better."

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Adrienne brushed her hair away from her face. "No I'm good." The Grand Cafe at Hotel Monaco was a decent place for French food. She had enough snacks and appetizers at the karaoke place.

She stuffed her hands in to the pockets of her jacket and rocked back on her heels. "Soo..." Puffing her cheeks a bit she asked, "Did you have any places you wanted to visit? Or an I just taking you joy riding?"
"I'm fine with the joy riding, but I did hear of a place. A bar, on South Street. Can't remember the name, it's something stupidly modern though. Supposed to be famous for their fuzzy frozen drinky things." Of course, the bar was much more famous for having lots of its patrons end up dead the next day, really. The place was a renown vampire hot spot. Starting a barfight there would be suicide, if you were human. But not if you were a Slayer. El was pretty sure it'd be a pretty smashing initiation into a very exclusive little club.

"How about we tear up the town a bit before we go there, though. That place seems better for winding down," El started to head out of the hotel, pausing to gander over the line of parked cars. "I'm going to have a guess and say you aren't driving the god-awful pink Civic."
Adrienne vaguely remembered rumors of some body snatching bar on South Street. But that wasn't the one with the good drinks was it?

With the mention of the civic she gave it a quick lookover. "What if it is?" Adrienne spun around with a straight face. She wondered how her guest would react if that Hello Kitty Civic was hers. Of course Adrienne herself would not be caught dead in one.
El paused, glancing into Adrienne's very serious face.

"If it is, we're gonna take a cab."

Every tough girl had a secret side. Adrienne's could very-well be a fetish for obscenely cute and garish kittens. She had just figured the girl for one that would keep the secret side, well, a bit more secret. Hello Kitty skivvies, not the loud and proud display that was the Civic.

Adrienne smiled at the comment. A cab isn't much better she thought. "Well it isn't."

She pointed towards the shiney, black BWM M3. "That is."

Within a few moments Adrienne was situated behind the steering wheel. She peered across, through the passenger window. "Coming El?"
El forced out an exaggerated sigh of relief. "Thank God."

Of course, God was dead. Or as good as. Either way, it was just an expression. Well, thanks to BMW for making a fine automatic chariot, and thanks to Butterfly for driving such a pretty one.

Pretty enough that she had to stand back and have a once over--it was shiny, but not nearly shiny enough to catch her reflection, heh. When Adri asked if she was coming, she nodded and eagerly took to the passenger seat.

"Take me somewhere fun, please! Where civics who dare to be pink are promptly blown to pieces."
Adrienne and El stood in front of the doors of that exclusive club the latter mentioned. There was no sign just a set of dull black double doors and two bouncers. Two very pale and large bouncers.

She craned her neck up to look at the bouncers then over to El. "Nice club you recommended. It doesn't even have a name."

Nobody was coming in or going out. "Popular too..." Adrienne said sarcastically.
At Adrienne's sarcastic comment, El had to toss her head back with a laugh. "Maybe it's still early," she said, as she grabbed Adrienne's hand and tugged her forward, using her other free hand to push open one of the dull black doors.

The bouncers stayed motionless as she paraded on by and into the club. Inside, things really weren't as dire as they seemed outside. It was actually quite crowded. The main foyer of the club looked like any other; standard decor, including plenty of underage youths who were obviously taking advantage of the fact that this place didn't seem to ask for ID.

There was a hallway in the back that lead to a much different room, but the entrance to that was hidden by a veil of transparent curtains. It would be easily forgotten if it weren't for its own dedicated bouncer. He was mostly likely there to make sure no one assumed the hallway would bring them to a bathroom.

El brought Adri straight to the end of the bar before she let her hand slide free. "Two of the girly drinks, nothing funny, yeah?" she quickly demanded to one of the bartenders. The order seemed to amuse the bartender slightly, but yet he said nothing and walked away to prepare the order.

When they had entered the club, all eyes had turned to view Adri and El. While most had quickly glanced away again, some still wasted their time staring in the direction of the pair. Well, at one half of the pair at least. El tried not to notice Adrienne's lasting popularity as she smiled over at her new friend.

"Do you dance much?" she asked, nodding her head in the direction of the busy dance floor, set in the back of the club.
Adrienne felt the eyes boring in to the back of her head. What the heck, there had to be someone better looking that her. Like the person she came in with.

She took the girly drink in hand and gave it a sip. Turning her back to the bar she gave the oglers a quick glance. "Dance? Not much. I'm up for it though."

The dance floor looked under populated but the music was right. Maybe she can lose the creepy looks she has been getting in the diminutive crowd. She left the drink on the bar and tugged El along towards the dance floor. "Do I have something on my face? People have been staring at me."