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ryuu_akizuka in chosen800

The new day

Morning came suddenly and too quickly. Ryuu squinted at the sliver of sun that unfortunately had fallen straight across his eyes. His time was still set to Tokyo, and what ever time they were used to before then. He had never been jet lagged, and he grumbled at the sun. He stood from his watchful perch on the overstuffed armchair and sniped off the sun's intrusion with a concise pull of the heavy curtains.

This world would categorize him as a vampire, the blood, the teeth, but the sun wasn't his enemy. Ryuu glanced over his shoulder, smirking at the irony. No, he guarded his human mistress from the sun. She would be tired, and he knew Yuki wouldn't want to start a new day in a fresh city feeling ill rested.

With preternatural ease, he slipped out of the bedroom without making a sound. The door clicked whisper quiet, the carpet barely shifting under his feet. The brightly airy living space greeted him, bright whites and calm creams reflected the sun from the open terrace sliding glass doors. Ryuu studied the gauzy curtains billowing in the soft breeze. The covers on the couch were tossed aside, so he assumed Shawn had been the one to open the doors. He wrapped his arms around himself despite the sun. Ryuu was far more used to the warmer weather of both his home and southern Japan. The breeze blew in, lingering notes of rain on the cool wind.

"How far is your home from here?" Ryuu asked, slinging his jacket over his shoulders as he leaned past the curtains and stepped out to the terrace.

Private residence would be a plus for secrecy as well as a better place to communicate with those they needed to communicate with. Ryuu was anxious to get somewhere where they could start their search.
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Shawn had spent a good deal of the night wandering the streets and getting reaquainted with some of the sights. On his way back, he'd stopped at a grocery store and picked up several different fruits and a plastic salad bowl to arrange them in. He wasn't sure what kinds of fruits the siblings liked, so he'd simply bought a little of everything in stock.

His fingertips were pink from cutting strawberries into flower shapes. The knife slipped and he knicked his thumb as Ryuu startled him. "I'd say about twelve miles or so," he answered, setting the knife down and popping his cut thumb into his mouth. "I walked by there last night, but it as really late. There was a... strange feeling around the cemetery when I went by, but I didn't see anything."

Shawn's legs were bouncing and his fingers were flittering over the fruits, arranging them one way and then another. "I'm still wound up. Still haven't slept. Probably won't for another week. This town has always made me jittery."
Ryuu stepped away from Shawn, taking the iron scroll-worked chair as far from the boy as possible. He sat down with a heavy sigh. Shawn really did have to stop injuring himself in his presence, he only had so much control of his hunger.

"Just don't tire out Yuki and I don't care what you do here." he replied, looking out over the tree tops and out at the pool far below them. "Tonight we'll make use of your energy, hopefully and scout out the cemeteries."
"Fine by me," Shawn said, pulling his thumb from his mouth. He stood from the table and pushed the bowl toward Ryuu. "You're hungry. Eat some fruit," he grumbled, twitching slightly. If there was a downside of being back home -aside from the constant crawl of energy along his spine -it would have to be the instances of knowing what other people were thinking or going to do.

"There are a couple here you know." He leaned back on the railing, arms crossed over his chest as he fought not to bounce and twitch with excess energy. He felt like a God damn crack addict, at best! "Two of them," he continued, brows furrowed and gaze blank. "I can't see who they are, but I know there are two and they are together. Tell Yuki to be careful if we meet them. I get a really bad feeling about them." He straightened and scooted around Ryuu, sliding open the glass door.
"A bad feeling about what?"

Ryuu turned around at the sound of his misstress' voice.

"A bad feeling about what Shawn?" She repeated her question as she joined her boys out on the balcony.

Yuki closed her eyes, enjoying the water-scented air on the crisp wind. A soft lulling smile graced her lips and she turned to Shawn. "Do you honestly believe there is something in Ohio that I should be afraid of?"
Shawn blinked and then grinned. "Morning, Yuki-hime." He turned and grabbed the chair he'd just left and pulled it over for her to sit in and scooted the bowl of fruit over to settle in front of her. "I wasn't saying that you should be afraid, just that you should be careful. I sense two of those girls in this area, together. One of them feels really strong. Can't see who they are."

He was twitching again, fingers drumming against his thigh and he was chewing his lips in an effort to keep from squirming. Energy crawled along his spine uncomfortably. "Breakfast. You should eat."
Yuki took the seat offered her, splaying out her dressing gown over the wrought iron filigree work.

"Those Girls?" she asked, sharing a look with Ryuu.

"You mean slayers? There are two here?" Ryuu straightened in his seat, suddenly very interested in the conversation.

Yuki turned a calm voice back to Shawn. "Why should I care about vampire slayers? I'm not a vampire and neither is what we're after."

She picked idly at the fruit in front of her. A grape was plucked off and she placed it in her mouth.

"However, they can still interfere. All the more reason for you two to hurry things up."

She stood up, robes flowing and flicking in the breeze off the balcony. She looked pointedly at Shawn. "We're moving today, yes?"
Shawn straightened and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, we're moving. I walked by there last night and I think that one of the neighbors was borrowing the driveway because there was a station wagon parked there. It's probably nothing though."

Shawn scooted by Yuki and Ryuu and went back into the room. He had to keep himself busy or he was going to go nuts so he grabbed the sword from his luggage and a clean rag as well as some polish before going back outside and plopping down on the ground. The blade didn't look like an old relic anymore, it shone as if it had been newly forged. Even the grip looked new. "Those slayers will not be easy prey like the last one was." He glanced up at Ryuu and Yuki, his expression upset. "I'd prefer it if you two didn't feed on the ones I know. I'm loyal to you but leave my friends alone from now on, okay?"
Ryuu watched Shawn flit about the hotel suit with a frown. If he had to deal with this amount of energy for much longer he might end up killing him just to make him stay still. Shawn bounded out onto the balcony with the wind swotd, polishing it up for, what looked like, the eighth time today. Ryuu's eyes lifted from the bright blade to Shawn's eyes.

"I wasn't aware she was your friend." he said with a genuine air of surprise.

Yuki interrupted, "Just make sure this move goes smoothly. I'm anxious to be somewhere I can begin my work." And with that she was gone in a flurry of silks.

Ryuu turned his gaze back to Shawn.
Shawn watched Yuki flutter back into the room, hands still moving over the sword, and then returned his gaze to Ryuu. "I dated her older sister for a few months. We used to hang out at lunch, too, but I'm not really surprised that you two didn't know that. I wasn't really part of this group when you killed her, but still."

He re-sheathed the sword and set it aside. The rag was still in his hand and he twisted and folded it several times before giving up and tossing it away. "Ugh, I'm going insane." He flopped back on the concrete, an arm over his eyes. "I can't stand being so jittery. It's like I've taken speed or crack or something. I can't sit still."
"So then, let's not." Ryuu offered, getting up from his chair. "Let's go to that house of yours and get things set up. We need to check out of this place by twelve."

Ryuu walked past the twitching boy into the suite. He grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom.

"I'm taking a shower first, though. I slept in these clothes. Unless, Yuki, you were headed there."

Yuki opened the door to her bedroom and smiled at him. "There's another one in here, Ryuu. I'll be fine. You boys take care of the house I have other things to do."

She was smiling as she closed the door. The promise of a new day in a new country making her nerves flutter.

Ryuu turned to Shawn. "I'll only be a few minutes." With that, he shut his door and proceeded to get the morning started.
Shawn lifted his head from the concrete, his eyebrows vanishing under the shaggy blonde fringe of his bangs. Ryuu would never cease to surprise him. It was practical that they head over before they had to check out of their room, but it was strange that Ryuu would offer such a thing just after Shawn had mentioned being uncomfortably energetic. He was being almost... friendly. Again.

He sat up and went inside to gather up his backpack and make sure that everything he might need was in it. He couldn't take the sword with him and it would feel weird to walk around without it, but he had no choice. Carrying it with him last night had only been possible because of the lower concentration of police patrols. Daytime made having such a weapon on his person a magnet for trouble.

While he waited for Ryuu to finish in the shower, Shawn straightened up the room again. There wasn't much to do, but he dusted again and stripped and remade the beds in the room opposite from Yuki's. He was starting to feel like a maid or an OCD housewife, but at the moment he couldn't really care. He was busy and the electric crawl of energy over his spine wasn't as noticeable.