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Leaving on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again...

Buffy shifted uncomfortably in the soft leather of her seat. The plane was... nice. Too nice. Angel had been given a whole lot of power by these tricky lawyers and she didn't like it one bit. They must have some kind of ulterior motive.

But for now, she had to focus on Willow.

She looked over at her nervous friend with a slight smile. Poor Will. She still felt guilty from time to time at getting Xander and her involved in this life of hers. Demons and vampires and witches were the kinds of things most people had no idea were real.

Sometimes she wished she didn't know.

The plane was unlike any she'd flown on before. There were seats, sure, but they were a lot more like couches. Then there were the tv's and video games and the VERY questionably dressed flight attendant. Her breasts looked as if they were about to pop out of her top at any moment.

She chewed her lip and glared at Spike, who was quite overtly flirting with the woman to make a big show of how totally not upset he was about Buffy and The Immortal.

Oh crap! She'd forgotten to tell her 'boyfriend' that she was leaving the country. Err, he was a smart... whatever he was. He'd figure it out, right?

"Uhm, how long until we get back to America? And just how are we going to avoid the feds while I'm with you boys? I know W&H pull some weight, but the government is still holding me responsible for the crater that is Sunnydale you know."

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Flannigan and Sons

It was 7 AM at the Flannigan Grocer and Kevin Kilbane, daytime manager of said store and night time vanquisher of undead and hellspawn, was stacking apples in the vegetable aisle wearing his green apron while he thought over the events of the previous night. Finding vampires or other undead creepy-crawlies was the norm in the half-insane town of Cleveland, but what was odd was finding out that there were two slayers, instead of the typical one, and one of said slayers happened to work for him as a cashier. The other was, surprisingly enough, the new girl's roommate. Maybe the rumors were true that somebody upstairs got the accounting all wrong.

The long-term ramifications of having a professional and other-worldly relationship with either of the girls was precarious at best. Kevin's family did not have a good relationship with the watcher community and if either of the girls made a phone call about a Kevin Kilbane, there would be trouble. But, Pandora's box had been opened and he couldn't close it now.

The bell over the door jingled and one of his morning cashiers called out a welcome to the customer. Kevin looked over, noted the person, and then went back to stacking his apples.

Welcome to the Initiative, Major Knox. You will now be assimilated.

Characters: Theodore Knox, Initiative cronies

Setting: Topside military instillation, 23km from the newly discovered hellmouth; Fort Krisp, Ohio

Open to: New Cleveland Initiative team, Faith, Gwen(?), Izzy, Major Knox, Wesley, Orb of Doom. :P

So far: Major Knox grumbles about his wayward daughter and goes in for debriefing at his new post.

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Nocturnal Visions {Complete}

For once, Faith was having a restful sleep. Damn long time coming, too. All because she was currently dreaming of a whole lotta nothing. No Mayors playing Daddy, no Momma Watcher getting murdered, and most importantly, no Buffy. Just a fine little void of unconscious bliss. It was nice, and kinda rare. Usually when her psyche ran out of fucked up cooking scenarios with Buffy to throw in her head, it had plenty of other nightmares to serve up. Nightmares of the more historical variety, that is. Honestly, if she had any say over what nightmares she'd have to suffer through, she'd most likely go with the retelling of a Slayer's final moments in her head over the Buffy-in-an-apron with Daddy Mayor any day.

Something suddenly rustled beside Faith and woke her up from that comforting big black nothing. Startled, she sat up. Where was she...? Oh yeah. Kevin's digs. She was very glad to see the blond hair of Isabelle lying in bed besides her. She had kinda made an unofficial resolution to keep the sack jumping in Ohio to a minimum, and had no plans to start with that big hunk of Irish. Not until she figured out who the hell he was, and why he went about keeping demons naughty parts in jars.

She wasn't too glad to see the look Isabelle's face was making. Girl looked like she was hurting. Once the Isabelle moved on from the pained looks and actually started to gasp, Faith wasted no time in giving the girl's body a gentle shake. "Izzy...you okay...?" she said softly, before moving on to a more aggressive shake. "Izzy...!"

Upstairs at the Pub

Dawn raced up the stairs, stopping at the top with a sigh. Hopefully, Giles hadn't caught sight of her and she could come up with a good excuse as to why she'd not filled her sister in on the runaway act. Something better than teenage rebellion...

She slipped between the girls mingling about, trying to remain out of sight. It was one thing to tell a little white lie to your sister. It was yet another to be called out on it by the person she'd put in charge of watching you.

She noticed a few of the girls down below gesturing to the new arrivals. They might have souls, but Angel and Spike practically wore Eau de Vampire like a badge. She peered over the railing at the group as they entered and looked around. Were they looking for her?

"Hey, check out those guys." A girl with long black hair and too much make-up pointed at the bunch.

A blonde beside her sighed. "Just a group of vampires trying to crash the party. Should we take them out?"

"I've got a clear shot." She pulled a stake out of her boot, aiming for them.

"Wait!" Dawn interrupted, "They're good guys, if you can believe it. Friends of Buffy."

This seemed to satisfy them and the stake returned to what must be a terribly uncomfortable home in the girl's boot. Dawn shook her head. Were all slayers wired with that same think-later gene? What exactly was Giles doing here, anyway?

"Pooh. This is going to ruin all my fun." She mumbled, leaning on the banister.

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Downstairs at the Pub

Doyle gave Angel a raised eyebrow when Giles announced dancing shoes and party.

Apparently I’m with the wrong crowd if the slayer is allowed to go out and party now and again. I mean it was hard when Cordy and I tried to get the brooding vamp to come out for a drink. Though I hope she was able to wear him down in that area.

So after listening to Giles’s new instructions Doyle switched lanes and headed into town. He kept quiet for most of the ride, listening whenever Giles told him to make a few extra turns or take a particular exit to avoid further traffic at this time of night. Doyle let the other people in the car carry any type of conversation. He noticed everyone stayed mostly quiet anyway.

After locating the place Doyle parked the car and placed the keys inside a hidden pocket in his jacket. Than he too stepped out of the car to stand on the side walk with the rest of the group. His lips made a whistle as he took in the pub that had Buffy and her friends.

Extending his arm to Fred he asked her, “Shall we?”

Thus he was the first to enter the building and headed downstairs to for he heard load music coming from that direction.

“Hopefully they don’t mind party crashers,” as he opened the door leading to party. . .

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Not your average dive

As her chariot, the UNDINE, dove through the depths of Lake Eerie, Gwen kept one hand on the steering wheel and another on what she had quickly dubbed the ‘joystick’ - for lack of a better term - that caused the underwater apparatus to rise or fall. While she was on the plane to Ohio, one of Wolfram and Hart’s operatives had blathered on and on about how the brassy metal one-woman diving machine was the Initiative’s high tech solution to the human torpedo that originated during World War II. Not much interested in an impromptu history lesson, Gwen had quickly terminated that line of conversation in favor of how to control the submersible beetle.

Now, as she sat alone in her stolen underwater vehicle, it seemed all she could remember were bits of nautical babble and Italian commando frogmen blah de blah blah.

“Good thing I’m ace with video games.”

She rolled her eyes, then pushed the joystick forward and eased further into the murky depths.

After what seemed like ages of sinking, she arrived before the section of the stone-faced wall that she was told disguised the entrance to the Cleveland Initiative’s Headquarters. She blinked the chariot’s headlights in a series of long and short flashes.


In response, wavelengths shot upwards and downwards on her meter as a voice came over the radio.


Gwen punched the numerical code into a keypad on her ‘dashboard’, and seconds later, the voice came back over the comm.

“Lieutenant Marjorie Williams. Welcome back.”

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Hungry For the Real San Francisco Treat :O

By the time El had finished the six hour and then some drive to San Francisco from Los Angeles, she'd been left with just enough time to check in to her hotel. It wasn't until the next night that she had been able to get down to business.

Which, was of course, the intense stalking of Adrienne Wong. A girl she had met a little over a month ago in a stereotypically dark alley of LA, with some creepo demons thrown in as a bonus. There was really only one thing she knew for sure about the girl so far; Adrienne was a Slayer. The whole underground, from vampire to multi-headed hellspawn, had been abuzz with the rumors. The rumors of the Chosen many. Adri seemed to be living proof that the rumors were true; unless she really was the world's only Slayer. If that was the case, which El highly doubted, the world was pretty much doomed.

El pulled out the card Adrienne had given her the night they had met, and dialed. Hopefully the girl hadn't gone and forgotten about little old El. If not, she'd have to go through the trouble of planning an elaborate reunion.

The new day

Morning came suddenly and too quickly. Ryuu squinted at the sliver of sun that unfortunately had fallen straight across his eyes. His time was still set to Tokyo, and what ever time they were used to before then. He had never been jet lagged, and he grumbled at the sun. He stood from his watchful perch on the overstuffed armchair and sniped off the sun's intrusion with a concise pull of the heavy curtains.

This world would categorize him as a vampire, the blood, the teeth, but the sun wasn't his enemy. Ryuu glanced over his shoulder, smirking at the irony. No, he guarded his human mistress from the sun. She would be tired, and he knew Yuki wouldn't want to start a new day in a fresh city feeling ill rested.

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